December 25th, 2015


Christmas Spirit

I finally got it! Yesterday I had a half day of work (Thanks, Obama!). I was able to meet Kitty for lunch near her work since I got off early. After Kitty got home, we made our pilgrimage to Old Town for a little fursuiting. I had missed the past 2 years and REALLY wanted to make another appearance. I was afraid that Kitty wanted to back out because she was afraid for her foot, but she finally agreed to handle and eventually was glad that she did it. Everyone was in a great mood. This is an event that is a pleasure to do. I posed for dozens of pics with people of all ages. I was especially happy to hear folks who had seen me in years past and were glad to see me after my 2-year absence. I looked around at all of the beautiful luminaria and it made me happy to be part of such a tradition. When I got home I had a shot of bourbon and hopped into a nice warm shower. It was then that the Christmas Spirit finally hit me. I was totally at peace and full of happiness. I had made a lot of people happy and it had rubbed off on me. We had Costco lasagna while sitting in front of the tv watching "It's a Wonderful Life." We then settled down for a long Winter's nap. This morning I put on my bunny sleeper and watched "A Christmas Story" while enjoying coffee and a Christmas bread I made the day before. Life is good. Soon it will be time to throw the prime rib into the oven and enjoy a nice dinner. Merry Christmas!