September 6th, 2016


Labor Day

We had a furmeet on Sunday with a turnout of about 40. The theme was "Sausage Party" due to the movie currently in theaters as well as making fun of the AlbuFURque drama earlier in the year. I cooked up hot dogs, brats, and a few different types of polish sausage/kielbasa. Of course there was much drinking. I think this is the first meet where the cooler was empty by the end of the night. Sometimes I end up with more beer/booze than I had started with. Not this time. I really have to teach the youngins to drink properly. They bring shit like 99 Bananas and other flavored liqueurs which usually ends up with someone fertilizing the lawn. At least I'm bringing some around to the joys of really good bourbon in moderation. Once again I was happy to wake up and find the yard and patio completely in order. All of the trash was in the bin and recyclables were all sorted. doG, I love our merry band.