September 10th, 2016



I had to check the old LJ archive to see when we did our big annual chile purchase last year. We did it early last year; August 17. This year it was today. We bought a 30-lb bag of medium-hot and had it roasted. Kitty put on 80's classics on the tv radio station and we processed 58 5-oz bags in about 3 hours. So that's 290 oz of processed green chile from a starting point of 480 oz. Not bad! My fingers are still tingling. doG only knows what the "hot" would have been like. Of all the traditions of New Mexico that I have experienced over the past 17 years, the processing of chile has got to be one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to a year filled with green chile stew and green chile corn chowder. Since the garden is still producing tomatoes like mad, more fresh salsa is in the cards!