November 22nd, 2016


A Little Late

I got so wrapped up in my political post yesterday that I completely forgot to wish my Kitty a happy birthday. I surprised her with a dozen roses and dinner at a fancy restaurant...Fuddruckers. *lol* She had a coupon for a free birthday burger so we decided to have a "kosher" meal. They really have quite the selection of sauces now! The Siracha ketchup was disappointing, but the jalapeno ketchup was mighty tasty. They also had several types of BBQ sauce which went well with my steak sandwich. It was nice just to get out on a Monday night and have a romantic dinner for 2.

What also made the evening interesting was that we had one hell of a big thunderstorm. It was the type of storm more common to the monsoon season of July and August. I even got to experience "extreme dog walking" which is rare for November. Mesa and I started off as usual, but some of the lightning bolts I was seeing just to the west made me very nervous. When some cloud-to-cloud started streaking directly overhead, I decided to abort the mission and head on home. It was a good move. The hail started just before we made it back to the yard. There were no flash/booms, but definitely strikes within a mile. I did manage to catch a nice bolt on my security camera reflected off of my vehicle's windshield. The other good news was that the mountains picked up about a foot of snow. I have had low hopes for this year's snow season, but looking at the medium-term forecast, we could get a few good storms over the next couple of weeks. Good! We're already falling behind the average curve.