December 6th, 2016


Reg Strikes Out

I was surprised to hear that Elton John would be performing in ABQ next March. I didn't think a performer of his caliber would bother with such a second-tier town. He has performed here in the past, however, and I said that I would try to get tickets if he ever came back. Here was my opportunity! I wouldn't care if tix were over $100. I really wanted to see such a big-name act! His music has been a part of my life since grade school. So tickets went on sale at 10 am yesterday. I was ready with my phone and the Ticketmaster app. I signed in and was greeted by a series of anti-bot questions. *rolls eyes* OK. Fine. You're not a bot. Do you want seats? Yes! Sorry. None available. WTF?!? It was 10:02! What I found "interesting" was that an after-market ticket site had 16 tickets per section available for sale at over $200 a pop even before the "official" sale was supposed to begin. Jeez. And I thought trying to find hotel rooms for AC or FC was a fucked up system. So no Rocket Man for me.