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A life of its own

I see that two of my recent posts have taken on lives of their own. I hadn't realized that my FC report had turned into a massive flamewar. More on that later. It also seems as if my fursuiting post has inspired perro to make his own post. *smiles* This makes me very happy. Yeah, I'm a comment slut, but I don't post things just to get comments. I post what is on my mind, and it's a good feeling when that post inspires others or makes them want to leave a comment of their own. That's good stuff! I love the sharing of thoughts and ideas *hugs*

Back to the FC post. It seems that it has caused quite the shitstorm. Like I commented in timduru's LJ today, where he linked to the post, I don't delete posts or comments even if they lead to flames/drama because I am against censorship. There were a lot of negative things said but there were also some very good discussion points.

And now there is the sticky subject about t_h_squirrel. How do I say what needs to be said without possibly causing more drama. I guess there is no easy way. I do owe him an apology for the comment "buying his way into the fandom." There's no way in knowing what is in his heart, so the comment was inappropriate. With that being said, he should have commented and took me to task on the issue. Instead he took it upon himself to contact several people on my friends list to vent his anger at my post. The only problem was that they were good friends of mine and mere acquaintances of his. So I got the fallout from those conversations. So rather than let the drama I had created simply die down, he created more. *shrugs* That's o.k. I have no ill-will. I've been in the fandom 3 years and have probably only made one enemy who's not even really in the fandom. I think that's a pretty good track record. Like I posted a couple of days ago, I will give you my honest opinion whether you like it or not. I have also learned that I can't stay mad at people for more than a few days unless I really get screwed over, and that hasn't happened very often.

So I hope that THS will accept my apology for the way I phrased things, but I still stand by my assertion that the plushie raffle at the end of FNL was a bad idea. It was the bellydancing of '06. I had to speak up so that action could be taken for next year's show. Notice, there was much complaining about last year's bellydancing and, lo and behold, no bellydancing this year! I hope THS also reads the comments people have been making about the giant inflatable panda. Very few people knew who set it up, and it became a big hit on its own! He can take pride in the fact that people enjoyed it! The same thing goes for the fursuit lounge fans. They were also a big hit. Unfortunately the first words THS said to me as we greeted each other on Thursday was not "Hi! How you doing?" but, "I brought fans!" Ummm......ok.....Ummmm......Hi.

So hopefully the drama caused by the post will slowly fade. Things were said by several parties that might cause hurt feelings down the line. I hope fences can be mended and we can all get along. Let's stay focused on the good things. Put on your fursuits, entertain, and have a good time. *throws his paws around the furry world*
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