January 15th, 2017


FC So Far

It has been a pretty good con so far. I got a little depressed yesterday because I felt like a Bad Furry. Rather than spend time in con space and participate in the fursuit parade, I decided to chill in the room and watch the Atlanta/Seattle game. Football instead of furry?!? I finally realized that it was OK since I was doing the "con my way." It doesn't matter what you do as long as you enjoy yourself. I also felt better when I heard that the parade a was clusterfuck. I did run around in Sabot a little bit. He was mostly appreciated by the mundanes that were around for the volleyball tourney. Mostly I have just been hanging around in the lobby or Cub Hub chilling and chatting with folks. Of course there has been much boozamahol, but after Thursday's overindulgence, I have scaled back quite a bit. Let's see...10:00. Yeah. I guess it's after 12 in Chicago. *pops open a beer*