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Bear Droppings
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Thursday, January 19th, 2017

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I made home on Tuesday. Monday was a 700-mile day and Tuesday was a much more relaxed 350 miles. The weather was a bit crappy with gray skies and a bit of flurry activity near Grants. One thing I noted was the lack of snow in Flagstaff proper, but Humphrey's Peak was completely white. I guess that reflects the nature of the storms so far this winter. They're more "Pineapple Express" types with warmer cores as opposed to coming out of the Northwest. The same is true for us here in NM. Temps have been fairly warm down "low" but the mountains have been building up a wonderful snowpack. This morning our major drainage basin was sitting at 176% of median. The sum of the available water at the 4 SNOTEL sites is the 2nd highest since 1980. And we have 3 storms coming in this weekend. Looks like I'll be putting on my flood hydrologist hat on this year. There will be no repeat of 2009.

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