January 24th, 2017


A Quickie

Just a few words to keep me in the LJ spirit.
We had "thunder graupel" on Saturday morning. Probably only allaboutweather would find that interesting.

Kitty had a blowout on Friday. Fortunately she was on a side street and only a couple of blocks from home. I got her 2 new tires and then took her for an alignment on Saturday. It was way out of whack from when she had hit a critter.

The snowpack in our main drainage basin has just hit 200% of average. I don't think I have ever seen it that high! It looks like we're in for a bit of a dry spell, though.

I am suffering through a wonderful cold. Thanks, dexter_fox! Con crud: The gift that keeps on giving. Don't worry. I passed it on to Kitty.

I just went to see if we have our Trump/Pence portraits hanging in our office yet. Nope. Our receptionist is thrilled! She gets to look at that face every day for at least 4 years. I see that he has already signed a hiring freeze for non-military government employees. Fortunately, our HR people knew it was coming and there was a mad dash to fill as many vacancies as possible before he was sworn in. Now I can hope that he signs "early out" authorization. Watch the Bear as he runs for the door!