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Bear Droppings
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Friday, February 10th, 2017

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Europe Here We Come!
albear, dexter_fox and I (and Kitty), have been talking about going to Europe ever since Brexit reared its ugly head. Things suddenly seemed affordable to make a trip to the UK possible. The strength against the Euro also made things very attractive. We started doing some research. I have only been to Europe twice, once on a high school trip to Spain and once to attend my friend's wedding in 1995. It was then that I managed to spend a few days in London and loved it. We then rented a car in Belgium and put 7000 km on it in the course of about 10 days driving to Sweden, Germany, France, and Switzerland. It was a fun trip. I enjoyed Europe but on the other paw I was not thrilled with the "oldness" of the place. I wanted to climb mountains where there wasn't a restaurant at the summit. I loved the wildness and openness of the US. I felt much more at home when I visited Australia about 5 years later. And so a return to Europe was always on the back burner. And yesterday I turned on the stove.

I consulted with our travel agent to see if there were any good bargains out there. I was sorely disappointed. I guess going through a travel agent is becoming more and more like an anachronism. There are so many online resources available that a travel agent seems superfluous. They also get pigeonholed into what airlines and/or hotels they can use which really limits your choices. When she quoted us airfares, none included British Airways. Huh? British Airways doesn't fly to Britain?!? Oh. They're not in their system. How about hotels near Gare du Nord in Paris. No. None close by. How come Hotels.com shows about a dozen?!? So she worked out a simple itinerary and price quote and we went on our way. I went home to my online resources and continued my research. Finally last night I decided to pull the trigger. We had already worked out some dates with Al and Dex so that was our starting point. I had an idea where in London I wanted to stay, so I made a list of possible hotels. I found some decent flights and a nice hotel. Boom. Done. All that remains is to arrange Eurostar train tickets to Paris and to book a hotel there. So if any Britfurs want to meet up, let me know! Also spread the word. We'll be there the week of September 10. We hope to meet up with procyonid in Liverpool for a day trip. The rest of our itinerary is wide open. We just want to see the sites. Although when we go to Paris, I guess we'll be looking at parasites?!? *lol*

One big difference between 1995 and 2017 is that I am no longer a poor boy just out of grad school. No hostels or budget lodgings for me. It's nice hotels and business-class air travel now. Time to enjoy life!

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