May 31st, 2017


Checked In

I checked out of my motel this morning and did a little sightseeing around Reno. I had planned on going to Carson City to check out the railroad museum, but saw that they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Oh well. I'll try tomorrow. I walked all around downtown but was turned off by how rundown it was. Too many bums, no-tell motels, and adult book stores. You don't get a feel for a place until you walk around on its streets. I got a little taste last year when I fursuited the "Biggest Little City" sign, but today just confirmed the fact that this city really needs to re-develop itself. Maybe it will once the Gigafactory opens up just east of town. While walking around I got really hungry, so I stopped in at Mel's Diner and got their $7.99 steak and eggs special. It was what you'd expect. It made Norm's look like Ruth Criss'. (probably only Al and Dex will get that one). I then just drove around the city seeing what there was to see. Finally I decided to try checking into the con hotel. Score! The room was ready. So we're in 2037 if you read this (all 2 of you). I'm enjoying the fact that I can just chill and watch a movie or read a book.