June 6th, 2017


The Road Home

We checked out of the con hotel extremely early on Monday. None of us really wanted a big breakfast, so I said my goodbyes to Al and Dex in the GSR parking lot. Then they were on their way to the SW while I headed SE. I am very grateful that Dex made sammiches for us. I enjoyed mine while waiting at a construction delay near Tonopah NV. I made good time into AZ. By the time I got to Williams, I had a big decision to make. I could either keep on driving and be home by midnight or I could call it early and camp out in the woods. I had already driven 11 hours and the thought of driving 5 more was not very attractive. So I pulled off the freeway, found a few Forest Service roads, and camped out at a nice flat spot amongst the pines. The area had been cut some time in the past, so there was a lot of woody debris all over the place. So I collected firewood and enjoyed a few beers. This morning I was up before sunrise loading up the Furmobile with wood. I made it home before noon and spent the next few hours unloading the wood, unpacking all of my luggage, and doing laundry as well as enjoying a refreshing shower. Now it's back to the old mundane life.