June 16th, 2017


Heaven's Gate

No, not a post about one of the worst movies ever made. I decided to go all-out on the yard remodel and ordered custom iron gates for both the driveway and the new front patio. I have seen some really beautiful gates on my walkies and wondered how one goes about getting one. My landscaper gave me the name of a welding shop that does that type of work. Let's just say that they ain't cheap, but it will be almost like having a work of art to welcome people into our home. Did I mention that they will have a furry flair? *lol* I gave him an idea based on a "flag" developed for the NM Furries with a paw inside of the Zia symbol. The designer thought that was one of the coolest concepts he had heard in a while. He was amazed that no one had ever thought of that for a design before especially since the college team is the Lobos. I think he can't wait to add it to his portfolio. The bad news is that they're swamped with work so I won't get the gates for about 2 months. The driveway gate will also be furry-themed. When I bought the house 18 years ago, there wasn't even a gate on that side of the house. I had to quickly go to Home Depot and construct one to keep Anubis in the yard. That lasted about a year before the wind started having its way with it. Between the wind and the brutal sun, it lasted maybe 8 years. Kitty and I replaced all of the slats one year, but the elements were soon attacking them again. The final nail in the coffin was the dust devil I wrote about several posts back that literally ripped it off the hinges. For all intents and purposes I don't have a gate there any more. So hopefully a nice sturdy iron gate will last a little longer. At least it should let the wind pass through it instead of acting as a barrier which is no match for the spring winds.