August 19th, 2017



The other night I was sitting with Kitty out on the patio. I went inside to get some more water. The kitchen was dark, but I can navigate well enough to the sink without light. I was in stocking feet when I felt a *squish* under my paw. My first thought was "Ewwww! I stepped in cat barf!" I reached down to feel what it was, but when I touched it, I instantly got a very bad feeling. I quickly went over to turn on the light and my heart skipped a beat. There, writhing around on the floor, was a twitching squished black widow. What is it with me and black widows?!? Fortunately I had stepped on it nice and cleanly so it didn't have a chance to bite me. I scooped it up and introduced the still-twitching remains to the blades of the garbage disposal. Of course I felt the wet, sticky remains on my foot in my mind for the rest of the night even after I had taken my sock off and washed my foot.