September 5th, 2017


Tale of Two Parks

We had a small picnic furmeet at one of the local parks on Saturday. I guess some of the newer "Snowflake Furs" are finding Fur Central to be too triggering, so we thought we would host a meet at a neutral venue. It's a very nice park, probably one of the bigger in the city. It's main purpose is a flood retention basin, draining a good chunk of the western part of the city including the mesa in back of the house. The City was smart and made the land dual-purpose so when it's not retaining storm water on a few days a year, it has big green fields and baseball diamonds. We initially set up the picnic under a shelter, but the so-called shelter provided almost no shelter from the sun. So we just set up some tables under some trees. Some group was hosting a bigger party in one of the larger shelters. Everything was fine until we noticed them wheeling in large speakers. Soon we were treated to lovely rap music as the group of black bikers arrived. Then the BBQ truck showed up to smoke us out. Finally little black kids started wandering over to our table looking for drinks. WTF?!? Scritch and I broke down laughing when a little black kid almost rode off on one of our friend's son's bike. Oh! The stereotype! His dad eventually showed up and apologized. But it showed that you have to deal with shit when you use a public park. Sorry. I'll take the calm of my back yard (where we all ended up later in the afternoon anyway.) The park was then in the news the next day when some stripper was raped by 3 Vietnamese guys in one of the secluded parking lots. WTF?!? The whole story sounded fishy but leave it to the news media to muck it up.

On Monday Kitty and I decided to make another trip to the botanical gardens. Last time we spent most of our time there visiting the aquarium and bug zoo. This time we just wanted to wander around the gardens. Once again we realized just what a little gem we have in the city. There is a large Japanese garden that we had only walked through when it was newly constructed several years ago. Now that it has had time to become really established, it has become a very peaceful place to have a Zen experience. Al and Dex took us to the Japanese garden near them last year, and it just isn't the same experience. Maybe it's the constant background odor from the neighboring sewage treatment plant. Maybe it just needs some time to grow out the vegetation like it has for our garden. *shrugs* It's just nice to have a place you can walk and enjoy nature in safety. We then decided to get our last green chile fix for awhile since we'll be leaving for Europe on Friday. I also harvested some from my garden and roasted them up. We're not doing the big 20-30lb sack this year since we have plenty left over from last year, both store-bought and from the garden. This year's crop has been a little disappointing due to a late-season die-off. Such is the nature of gardening. Next year I'll have my nice new plot.