September 10th, 2017


London Post #1

Yay! We made it! I'm typing this up from our hotel room in London. We left on time on Friday and made our way up to Salt Lake City. We then boarded our 767 for the trip across the Pond. So was paying for 1st class worth it? Hell yeah! It was the most enjoyable 9 hours on a plane that I can remember. The liquor flowed freely and the staff was wonderfully friendly and helpful. The seats reclined to completely horizontal so I managed to get about 4 hours of good sleep. Before we knew it we were landing at Heathrow. All flights should be so enjoyable! We also got "fast tracked" through Customs, so we were soon on our way down to the Tube. The train was packed, but it was relatively painless to get to our hotel. Al and Dex had arrived just a few hours earlier and soon we met up after we enjoyed a well-needed shower and change of clothes. I found an ATM and my pockets were soon filled with pounds. It was then off to the British equivalent of Walmart where we loaded up snacks and drinks. My "find" was a beer named "Firsty Ferret" from the Badger Brewery. I'll post pics of the cans. So furry! For dinner we decided on Middle Eastern since we figured there must be some good restaurants around judging from all of the burkas we saw. Were we in London or Kabul?!? We did find a nice place and we enjoyed a very tasty meal. It was then time to crash as jet lag set in.

Today we were up early to get to the tour office for our trip to Bath and Stonehenge. We were a bit early, so I got to walk around Victoria Station and be a rail geek. The tour itself was a typical affair. It was a long bus ride to Bath which allowed us to soak up the English countryside. Bath itself was a lovely town. We spent most of our time at the Roman baths/hot springs which made the town famous. The museum was nice but it was really packed with tourists. Kitty and I separated for awhile and explored the town on our own. Our best find was an art gallery where we found some furry art. I bought some, but regretted not splurging on a full-sized print of an awesome bunny. Oh well. We didn't have a lot of time since we still had to squeeze in Stonehenge. I didn't know what to expect. Would I have some sort of Druid/Pagan religious experience? Answer...Nah. It's a very interesting site. It's one of those "bucket list" destinations. But what I walked away with was "Been there. Done that." I suppose the pissing drizzle didn't help much. *shrugs* All things considered it was a wonderful day. I'll post pics when I have a little more time.