September 13th, 2017


London Post #2

I suppose it's a good thing that I'm not having enough time to make regular posts especially ones with pics. I'm doing a quick update while Kitty is in the shower (so I have about an hour *snicker*). Monday was a museum day and we hit the National Gallery. It took awhile to get inside since we were enthralled with Trafalgar Square. Put a bunch of furries near a bunch of lion statues and you have chaos *lol* We eventually made our way inside and spent several hours exploring some of the great paintings of the world. Kitty and I spent most of our time in the later time periods like the French Impressionists. We both grow tired of earlier works because all of the paintings are Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, John the Baptist, Mary, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Saints, Jesus, etc. It was then off to lunch where we found a nice pub for some meat pies. Then it was off to the Thames for views of Big Ben and Parliament. We stopped briefly at the Horse Guards to take some pics. They have a guard come out every few minutes to inspect the horses and riders guarding the building. There were a group of Chinese tourists blocking his path (taking selfies) so he just shouted "MAKE WAY FOR THE GUARD!" We all roared with laughter as the little Chinese girls squealed and quickly cleared a path. When we reached the Thames it was decided that Al, Dex, and Scritch would tour the Churchill War Rooms while Kitty and I would stroll along the Thames towards the Eye. We were thinking about riding the Eye, but unfortunately the nice weather we had been having suddenly changed, and we found ourselves walking along in the rain. We ducked into Waterloo Station so I could get some train action. We then just kept walking along the river until it was time to head back. The rain kept getting more and more intense by the time we met up with the boys. We decided to call it a day and got to experience rush hour commuting. After a quick stop at the supermarket, it was off to Al and Dex's room for beer. We polished off a 12-pack and decided to head back to Piccadilly Circus to see it at night. We were sorely disappointed to see that they are renovating the building where all of the signs are, so the square was sort of dark and lifeless. It was then off to find a dinner spot. Just by chance we walked past a park where things seemed very familiar. Suddenly I spotted the Moon Under the Water pub. Hey! I drank there 22 years ago! So that's where we had dinner. It was there we learned the sad fact that many of the pubs are now corporate-owned. Oh well. Beer is beer and fish and chips is fish and chips. It was then time to make our way back to our hotels for a good night's sleep.

London Post #3

Today it was off to Liverpool to pay a visit to procyonid. We now got to experience morning rush hour on the Tube. Yikes! We made our way to Euston Station to catch our train. It was interesting to watch the mass of humanity in their daily ritual. We eventually got on our train and were whisked away to the west coast. We got in just after noon. Al and Dex met up with some online friends of Al's so Procyon, Kitty, and I were off on our own for a few hours. We went up into the city's radio tower for a birds-eye view of the city. It was then off to lunch at a little no-frills fish and chips place. We walked off lunch by taking a tour of the city and waterfront. We then hooked back up with Al and Dex and relived the famous Gerry and the Pacemakers song, "Ferry Cross the Mersey." It was a nice relaxing trip across the estuary and back. Then it was pub time! We pounded a few pints and then went off to dinner. We stopped at a place that Procyon had walked by many times but never tried. It was a little upscale, but OMG the food was good! I think he now has a place to bring guests in the future. It was then time to say our goodbyes at the train station. Our train was more of a local, so it took longer to get home. We arrived at the station just before midnight. We realized that the Tube shuts down not too long after midnight, so we made a mad dash to catch the last trains. We did. Soon we were back home and crashing HARD. Busy day! Thanks, again, Procyon!