September 18th, 2017


A Day at the Museum

The day's plans were a bit nebulous at first, but then I got online and got us tickets to the Louvre for the day. It was then the usual routine of getting some breakfast and then heading off for the day's adventures. We got to the museum at about 10:30 and proceeded to spend the next 6 hours wandering around. We immediately got the "essentials" out of the way i.e. The Mona Lisa and the Venus di Milo. Then it was time to just walk around as much of the museum as humanly possible. Being a furry helped because it focused our interest. We especially liked the paintings dealing with interpretations of Ovid's "Metamorphoses" which dealt with things like people turning into frogs or the famous tale already discussed here in my LJ of Artemis transforming Actaeon into a stag. Scritch and I had a great time making fun of many paintings of Jesus that essentially had him as Batjesus or Mighty Morphing Power Jesus. Pics will come! There was a painting of a god eating a baby. That instantly got turned in Fat Bastard yelling "Get in my belly!" There was also a statue of a bull being stabbed by a god, getting bitten by a snake, being attacked by a dog, and having a scorpion stinging its junk. I felt sorry for the bull until I read that it represented evil. Still...ow! We then went on the cheap again and picked up 2 bottles of wine, some cheese, crackers, and chocolate for about $20. Oy!