September 20th, 2017


A Great French Discovery

I'm surprised that not every kid in France grows up to be furry. I'm sitting here in the morning going through all of the channels. It seems that EVERY kids show has anthropomorphic critters. I even found "Mon Petit Pony." But I instantly fell in love with "Grizzly and Lemmings." There's no dialogue so it works in any language. Google it!

A French Day

I think we're finally settling into a French routine. Too bad it will be over in a couple of days. There was a patisserie just up the block from the hotel, so we stopped in for quiche, an eclair, some other pastries, and coffee. OMG so good! We then braved the Metro to the Rodin Museum. The Metro ride was fast, easy, and uneventful (LIKE IT SHOULD BE!). Soon we were looking at some of the most famous sculptures in the world including "The Gates of Hell" and "The Thinker." It was then back onto the Metro to visit the Picasso Museum. It was nice but a bit of a disappointment since they are getting ready for a major exhibit scheduled to open next month, so half of the museum was closed. It was then a nice walk back to the hotel with an unscheduled stop at a cafe along the banks of the Seine where we enjoyed "cafe culture" by just sitting there watching the world go by while enjoying a beer and some food. We then crashed at the hotel for a few hours while we prepared for dinner. We decide that tonight would be our "big night out" and have a proper French dinner. Kitty found a place on Yelp just down the street which got great reviews. We arrived at about 7 which is considered "early," but that worked out great. I finally tried escargot! Pretty tasty, but nothing I would go out of my way for again. Then it was time for duck, which was incredible, followed by a dessert that was so good I can't even describe it. But thank doG I planted a fig tree in my orchard! It was then time to walk off dinner. We ended up at the Pantheon which is just a few block up a hill from our hotel. From there we got great views of the Eiffel Tower putting on its light show every hour on the hour. So now we're back in our room ready to crash. Un jour magnifique!