January 22nd, 2018



I think yesterday was the first time in my life (outside of being sick) where I didn't get dressed the entire day. The weather was supposed to be crappy and I had an afternoon's worth of football to watch, so why bother changing into pants and shirt. I might have squicked the neighbor a little bit when I answered the door in a sparkly pink unicorn kigu. She had come over to give us her family's condolences about the death of Mesa. Her girls pet-sat for us last year and they really developed a love for him. I was really touched that they thought of us so much. Those are some great neighbors! And then things got weird.

I was watching the Pats/Jags game when Kitty's friend called her. They were going to go out to lunch and her friend called to say that there was a strange car parked in our driveway. I was just about to pull up the security camera when my phone rang. It was our adopted son ari_foxy! He was just calling to say that he had read about Mesa and was sorry for our loss. He was living here when we had Mesa so he had fond memories of him especially of his submissive peeing. As I was chatting with him I heard Kitty talking with her friend. "What? There's a black guy walking up to our door?" Wait! What?!? Could it be?!? Yes! Ari tricked me! He wasn't at his home. He was here! I flung open the door and there he was. Oh! We had a grand reunion. It was so good to see him again. The last time I had seen him was at Rainfurest 6 or 7 years ago. It turned out he was in town on business and thought he would surprise us. What a surprise! I had posted about Ari a year or so ago when I was discussing folks who we have let live with us over time. He was in dire straits several years ago and it looked like he wouldn't be able to finish his degree. We let him live with us until he finished and then went on to get a job with a Fortune 500 company. He is now a successful artists with a house and a mate. He's exactly the type of person I want to help out, and he is grateful for our kindness. THAT'S what it's all about! So we talked for hours and got caught up. He was then off to meet up with another friend. It certainly helped to have someone to talk to because perhaps I still had some depression just simmering under the surface. It bubbled up a little later when I was making dinner. I had cooked up some ground beef and I was about to repeat a ritual where I filled Mesa's food bowl with kibble and then drizzled the rendered fat over it. For a minute I didn't know what to do. I had to find a container to pour it into to then throw away. I hadn't done that in over 10 years. The last thing I need to do is get rid of the last of his kibble. I'm thinking about spilling it up on the Mesa to say sorry to the coyotes he chased over all of those years.