January 23rd, 2018


My Forced One-Day Vacation

Yes, I was impacted by the government shutdown. When the news hit on Saturday morning I didn't know what to think. It looked like the Dems were going to play political hardball, but I also realized that with the timing of the shutdown happening over a weekend, there could possibly be a resolution by Monday morning. Nope. So I still had to go to work to get officially furloughed. We had an all-employees meeting and were told to just sit tight until we had our official notification before we could head home. It took a couple of hours since they had to print out over 100 4-page letters and deliver them. I got mine, and headed home. I turned on the news when I got home and saw that a compromise was in the works. Big surprise. So here I am today, back at work. What a clusterfuck. At least I was able to get a few things done at home.