January 29th, 2018


Ghost of Mesa

It's been just over a week since Mesa's death, and his ghost still haunts the house. I keep looking at the foot of the bed for him. Even Kitty says she still tiptoes around the foot of the bed when she has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. She would frequently trip over him in the past. 90 pounds of dog could sprawl a considerable amount. On the one paw it has been hard on me since he was my motivation to take daily walkies. With him gone, I've really had to push myself at times to get out and walk. It's very important to me since that's my main exercise ritual. On the other paw I have taken the opportunity to really explore the neighborhood. I've lived here for almost 19 years and there are so many streets within a mile of the house that I have never been down. Granted, a lot of streets don't really go anywhere so I have not had a reason to go down them, but I'm now making an effort to really discover my neighborhood. I would rarely take Mesa on walkies through the neighborhood since I liked to give him the freedom to be off-leash which we could easily do on the mesa and I didn't have to carry a dookie bag since he had the whole desert to be his toilet. So now I use Google Maps to plot a route of about a mile to some side street and then do a round-trip to that point. I get to see all of the different house styles and landscaping. I see what houses are for sale and how much they're going for. It really is an affordable city. I walked past a house that was for sale and found it quite interesting with gorgeous views of the city. A few days later they had an open house. Kitty and I checked it out. It was a 5-bedroom that was going for under $300K. It needed a lot of work, but would be a great first home.