February 5th, 2018


A Brief Update

I spent W-F of last week up in Boulder CO for a conference. I don't know how much I get out of this particular conference (which I have gone to a few times in the past) but I figured it would be fun to get away for a few days. I have to check back in the old LJ archive to see why I was up in Boulder one year when I actually brought my fursuit and hit the Pearl St Mall. This time I didn't even get to the mall. Both dinners were at the same brewpub. doG I hate the pretentiousness of Boulder. Back in the old days you could get a decent microbrew because it was simply a good beer that wasn't Bud or Coors. Now everything has to be fruity or sour or bitter. Gah! I must have sampled a half dozen of their "special" beers before I found one that didn't taste like ass. But at least on my second night the tab was being picked up by the sponsor. "Free" can make most beers taste at least somewhat good (Oy! Kosher!).

And of course yesterday was the Super Bowl. Some local furs asked if we were hosting a party so we said, "Sure. Why not!" We had about a dozen folks over and many of us thoroughly enjoyed the game and commercials. I just did up some wings and made sure all of the cooking was done beforehand. It seemed in previous years I was always too busy being the host that I didn't get to enjoy the game. Not this time. Throw the food on the table, have the cooler full of beer, and plop my ass in front of the tube.