February 11th, 2018


Oscar Nominated Shorts - Animation

It's that time of year again, boys and girls! It's time for my annual posts about heading off to the local art-house cinema to see the short movies that are nominated for an Oscar this year. I think this has to be seventh or eighth year Kitty and I have done this. So let's review the nominees which all include links to the actual movie or to a trailer.

"Lou" - This year's entry from Pixar. An entity lives in a schoolyard where it keeps track of all of the things kids lose. It eventually teaches a bully a lesson. It's well animated (Duh! Pixar!) and the plot is sweet and relevant. If the past few years are any indication, this will be the winner.

"Dear Basketball" - A love poem about Kobe Bryant done by Kobe Bryant. Meh.

"Revolting Rhymes" - This was definitely one of my favorites. What happens when you mash up "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,"The Three Little Pigs," and "Little Red Riding Hood?" You get a wickedly funny tale of wolf revenge. This scores on so many levels. Unfortunately I think it will be like "The Gruffalo" which was nominated a few years ago which was also a wonderful movie. Perhaps it was a little too mainstream. *shrugs* It should defintely be on the furry radar.

"Garden Party" - This one gets my vote because the animation was exquisite and the plot was wickedly fresh. The frogs are not anthros, but they almost seem to be. Kinda like last year's winner "Piper"

"Negative Space" - A nice tale about a boy/man reminiscing about his father. A good punchline at the end makes the movie.

There were also 3 honorable mentions:

"Weeds" - No clip available which is just fine by me. Both Kitty and I hated it for its message making it seem like we should embrace the "weeds" of the world e.g. illegal immigrants. So the message is we should support them so they can breed and take over?!?

"Achoo" - A dragon tries his best to win a pyrotechnics contest. Really cute with wonderful animation. And dragons!

"Lost Property Office" - Interesting animation style, but the plot didn't make a whole lot of sense. A man who works in a lost and found office gets fired so he builds a whimsical machine out of the things in the office. Ooooooookay.