February 26th, 2018


Weekend Culture

Wow. LJ really is dying a slow death. Nobody on my F.L. posted anything over the past 3 days. Maybe I should re-add those friends that I dropped because they only posted re-tweets or FB feeds. Oh well. I'll still be here for awhile. Of course I'll look like a douchebag to friends who only check LJ once or twice a year and see this whole string of posts by me since I'm the only on left *lol*

On Saturday Kitty took me to see "Black Panther." I had no burning desire to see it, but since she is a pop culture whore, we just HAD to see it. Overall it wasn't bad. I don't see what the big hoopla is in the black community, but then again I'm not part of that community. It's a superhero movie so you have to turn off your reality filter and not think too much about fine plot points. So overall it was a good movie in that the line between heroes and villains was blurred. I saw a review that said that the DC universe should take a lesson from the Marvel one. The movie was also made better by the fact that it was at the theater where they also serve food, so we also had a nice lunch.

On Sunday we went to a performance of the 10 Tenors. We originally had tickets to see "Porgy and Bess" later in the year, but they cancelled the show. They offered us tickets to any other performance during the season. Kitty saw the 10 Tenors and really wanted to go. I had never heard of them, but I trusted her. I got a little taste of their performance when Kitty said they do an awesome version of "Bohemian Rhapsody." OK. This could be fun.

It was a pretty packed performance with lots of seniors (like us! *lol*). They did a wide range of tunes from "La Boheme" to Lady Gaga, from Pink Floyd to John Lennon. We then finished date night with dinner at one of our our favorite upscale diners. Yay! Doing stuff!