March 5th, 2018


The Oscar Post

Well, we watched The Oscars. It was very "meh" this year. The comedy was pretty good. Jimmy Kimmel offered a free jet ski to whoever gave the shortest acceptance speech. To show how out of touch some of the "Hollywood elite" were, some had no idea what a jet ski was. Of course there was lots of pandering towards women. I gave the TV a confused puppy look because an underlying message seemed to be that women have not enjoyed movies over the past 90 years because there have been almost no female directors, cinematographers, or producers. While I agree that getting a viewpoint from a woman's perspective could/would make a good film, it's not necessarily so. Should they be given the chance? Oh, absolutely. I just wish we would get past this whole thing of "There needs to be more *insert group here* in *insert profession here*" Oh well. Lots of people were climbing on their soapbox last night. This is mine.

I was especially disappointed that the 3 short-subject films that I have posted about here went to what I thought were some of the weakest candidates. I couldn't believe that the Kobe Bryant animated film won. I guess people just wanted to see him win an Oscar. At least a good full-length documentary won. And as predicted, "Coco" won best animated feature.