March 7th, 2018


Start The Countdown Clock

Old Bear is getting old! I have been wanting to make this post for some time now. Since 2016, actually. August 2016 marked my 25th anniversary for my time in the gubbment. I had assumed that I would be eligible for retirement sometime around the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022. I then found out that because some of my early days were temporary appointments where I didn't contribute to a retirement plan, that time doesn't count towards retirement. I could have "bought back" that time, but that program ended at 1988. A lot of my time would have been 1989 and 1990. D'oh! I was able to buy back a month from 1988. Whoopie. So now I just consider March of 1993 to be my official start date. That means I now have 25 years under my retirement belt. That means that I now have 5 more years to get to my 30. But wouldn't I want to work more? Oh, hell no! I saved like a mofo for those 25 years. I'm still saving a shitload today. If I can get 5 more years of the stock market doing what its doing, I'll double my retirement account. Could I live comfortably on that? Oh hells yeah.

People tend to obsess over how much money they have. What they should really be focusing on is how much does it take to live comfortably. People also think they are going to live to 100. You have to ask yourself if you really want that. Young people don't think about the lifestyle of the elderly. When you get older you then get to see what it means to live in the 80's and 90's when you see how your parents and grandparents live. Here I am in my 50's and the aches and pains are creeping in. What will it be like when I'm 75? Hopefully I'll still be walking miles every day. So why not enjoy life while you still can. So the countdown clock has been started. Hopefully I'll be posting on March 1, 2023 that my last day working will be sometime later that month.