March 9th, 2018



Another natural history post! Now that I have fruit trees, I have another possible climate-change barometer. Hopefully I'll be able to go back to these posts 10-20 years from now to see if there is any noticeable shift in seasons. So the winner of the first-tree-to-flower is the apricot tree. I noticed buds ready to burst over the weekend and the first flowers appeared on Wednesday. The other trees are developing buds except for the fig. I suppose the fig needs warmer weather. The early blooming of the apricot makes sense from what people have told me. It seems that they are a very "feast or famine" fruit tree. With such an early flowering date, it opens itself up to a greater likelihood of late-season freezes. I think last year was fairly mild so there was an abundance of apricots. I have my claws crossed that this year will be similar. Stay tuned for more fruity posts!