March 12th, 2018


One Singular Senstation

Saturday was another date night for Kitty and me. It started with dinner at a new local brewpub that just opened. It was just "meh." Hopefully they'll improve as time goes on. I am convinced, however, that every new brewpub is trying their best to make every beer they brew taste like ass. Back in the early 90's, the first "golden age of microbrew", the goal was to create beers that didn't taste like Bud or Miller. That's a pretty low bar to get over. But now everyone is going for odd flavors. I guess sour beers are the new thing. Why?!? We're already in a race to make the bitterest beer, so now it's sour?!? Who thought that was a good idea?!? Stupid millennials. *lol* After dinner it was off to see "A Chorus Line," yet another musical in the Broadway series we got this season. I had only seen the movie version done way back when. We both really loved it. Sunday was the antithesis of Saturday. We were both groggy from the time change and the weather turned cold and rainy. At least we could get caught up on our movies. Over the weekend we watched "Blade Runner:2049" (meh) and "The Square," a Best Foreign-Language nominee. I'm STILL trying to understand European film making.