March 26th, 2018


What the Bear is Watching

I like to make posts like this every so often as a little pop culture milepost. I bet if I went back to all of my similar posts over the past 15 years I'd read about how awesome "Lost" was or how I did old skool binge watching of "The Sopranos" and "Battlestar Galactica" by getting the dvd's from Netflix. So what have I been binging lately?

"Animals" - HBO - A show about anthropomorphic animals in New York City. The animation is crap, but some of the story lines are kinda cute. It's kinda sad to say that just after 2 seasons it has already jumped the shark.

"Portlandia" - IFC - When this show first came out I really loved it. It was fresh. It had hip cool celebrity cameos. And it was all just wonderfully bizarre. Then it became a victim of its own success. It jumped the shark a couple of seasons ago but managed to pull itself back up to end on a high note. Even they knew that it was time to pull the plug.

"The Crown" - Netflix - We kept hearing about this series about queen Elizabeth II and so we gave it a try. It was interesting but we set it aside for a few weeks. We came back to it and pushed through to the E2. The hook was set. We the binged the season and the follow up. Can't wait for S3!

"Black Mirror" - Netflix - We gave the series a shot and only made it in one episode. A few weeks later I decided to give it another shot. I pushed on to E2 and started to see something. By the time I got to E3 I realized that it was a modern-day "Twilight Zone" where the overall plots were driven by human emotions and interactions, but there was a twinge of sci-fi using technology that doesn't exist today, but easily could in 10-20 years. As an example, everyone's status is determined by rankings you get from other people. The goal is to become a 5-star person which means you're super awesome! Probably my new favorite show.

"The Chi" - Showtime - Life on the west side of Chicago. It's supposed to be the South Side, but I recognized the filming locations and know it's more West Side (near the "Patron House" which Albear will understand) I just thought it had good character development. They're saying it is such a true and accurate portrayal of the lives of urban black folk. If that's true, it's nothing to celebrate. It just shows that the "culture" revolves around drugs, killing, and baby daddies. I guess it's good to know how the other half lives...from a distance.

"Homeland" - Showtime - I have been watching this show since the beginning. It jumped the shark after S3, but pulled itself back up in the following seasons. This season deals with fake news and Russian meddling. Hmmm. A bit too close to home. They actually started this plotline in the previous season prior to the 2016 elections. They were going to tone it down because they thought the plot was just too preposterous. Ooops! Life imitating art?

Of course there are our other staples such as "Real Time with Bill Maher" and "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver."