April 6th, 2018


Cat Fail

Last night Kitty and I were watching TV when someone rang our bell. It was the neighbor. He informed us that there was a rat on the side of our house. WTF?!? We went to check it out and, yes, there was a rodent hanging from our wall. It was too big to be a field mouse and it didn't look like a kangaroo rat. The neighbor offered to dispatch it with a pellet gun, but I decided to let our cats have a little fun. One of the cats had probably found it in the first place and then got bored. So we called all 3 cats over. Fling followed it around as it tried to escape. She got bored and started cleaning herself. The mouse then ran and hid 2" below Diva. She didn't have a clue. Finally Yoink spotted it and gave chase. Perhaps you have seen the viral video that has been going around Facebook recently of a cat softly bopping a bird on the head. Yeah. Yoink did that. I should have had my camera with me. He could have been the new Keyboard Cat. Then in typical cat fashion...he walked away. That was it. I picked up the rodent by the tail and carried him to the gate. I sent him up the mesa with my well wishes.