April 23rd, 2018


"isle of Dogs"

Today's my birthday (for real real, not for play play). The original plan for the weekend was to take a roadtrip down to Silver City, a mining town in the SW part of the state that I have never visited. I started feeling "meh" about the trip when it seemed hard to get a motel down there. Then I found out that I could buy season theater tickets today before the general public. Plus I had a business meeting in Las Cruces earlier in the week which is about 3/4 of the way to SC. So I was in no great mood to travel more. Then we found out that there was a major bike race happening down there this weekend which explained the lack of motel rooms. I really didn't want to have to navigate the roads in the Gila Mountains with a bunch of crazy cyclists. So we decided to have a staycation and I could get some gardening done. That's something I love to do anyway...so birthday win! Kitty wanted to do something nice for me so I suggested that we go see a movie. I had read a review of "Isle of Dogs" in the WSJ, and the critic was falling over himself praising the movie. In fact if you see the commercial, most of the reviews shown in the ad come from that article.

I like Wes Anderson movies. I REALLY liked "Fantastic Mr Fox" and this seemed to be in the same vane. If you liked/loved "FMF" you will love/adore this movie. It has talking dogs, wonderful animation, talking dogs, a fantastic plot, talking dogs, and wonderful screwball humor that has made Wes Anderson famous. Oh, did I mention the talking dogs? And the voice actors are all Hollywood A-listers. Seriously. It should be on everyone's furdar.

And while I'm talking movies, I should mention a couple of other standouts. Major kudos for "I, Tonya," the movie about Tonya Harding. One of my favorite movies ever is "Raging Bull." This movie does to figure skating what "Raging Bull" did for boxing. I was shocked and dismayed that it didn't receive a Best Picture nomination although it did rightfully win for Best Supporting Actress and had a nomination for Best Actress. Just outstanding performances.

The other movie recently watched was "The Shape of Water." So once again I have now seen every Best Picture winner. It was just a nice flick. Guillermo del Toro really knows how to tell a modern day fairy tale. And there's fish sex!