May 14th, 2018


"Les Miserables"

On Saturday Kitty and I went to see the musical of the subject line. It was one of the big productions coming to town that we really wanted to see. It was spectacular. I had only seen the movie and kinda liked it. The plot is kinda meh but the acting, music, and scenery really make it a classic. As I have mentioned here many times before, I really enjoy living in ABQ because while we might not get the absolute top-tier concerts and such, we DO get big names and productions at a reasonable price and also a fair chance of getting tickets which might not be possible in a large city.

I had briefly mentioned in my birthday post about a month ago that we had the opportunity to renew our theater subscription for the 2019 season. We decided that we would and then kick it up a notch. We pulled the trigger and became patrons of the arts. I made a sizable contribution to the theater which put us in the upper echelon of the theater-going public. Why? Because we love to support the arts. We have had the discussion about how we should spend our money. We are in a very good spot in our lives where we have more than enough to enjoy life. I keep reading article after article about how material possessions don't buy as much happiness as experiences. That's one of my big beefs with the "1%ers" I read about in the "WSJ." There are all sorts of ads and stories about conspicuous consumption. The Friday housing section is not called "Real Estate." It's called "Mansion." Almost every property is 7 or 8 figures. I calculated that if you bought that $14 million New York apartment and amortized just the cost over 30 years, you're literally spending $1000/day to live there. Who really needs that?!? Of course there is someone living in a cardboard box asking the same thing about me spending money on theater tickets. But that's where I'm at in my life at this point. I have scrimped and saved to get to where I'm at and now it's time to start enjoying the fruits of my labor. At the same time I want to make a positive contribution to the community. I have just had it with "stuff." I can fully understand a 20-something wanting stuff. We all love that freedom of having a job and money for the 1st time and wanting to have all of the things we have been desiring. But then once you have all of your toys, the euphoria starts to fade. And I'm finding out that those who have to have the most expensive toys simply because they ARE the most expensive, are really shallow people. If they make you happy, OK. If you're doing it simply to feel that air of superiority to fill that shallowness, you better rethink life.