May 19th, 2018


On The Road

Greetings from Junction City KS. I'm on a road trip to go visit Mom. I'm staying at the motel I stayed at last November when I did my last trip to see her. The only difference is that last time I had Mesa with me *cries* I must say that traveling in May is much better than November. I traveled completely in sunlight this time. In Nov the sun set almost 3 hours earlier. I had some drama on this trip. I was in the OK Panhandle cruising down Highway 56 when I saw a big plume of dust just in front of me. I thought it odd. Suddenly I came upon an SUV flipped on its roof. I did a quick U-turn and hopped out of the Furmobile. Had this just happened?!? It's quite a lonesome road. I called out to see if someone was inside, and somebody honked the horn. I quickly called 911 but I had no idea where I was. Did the dispatcher have the ability to ping my cellphone location? A truck pulled up and the driver told me that we were 1 mile from Elkhart. He pulled the door open and told me that there was one person inside and that she appeared to be fine. I relayed the information and the operator told me that help was on the way. For being out in the middle of nowhere, the response was extremely quick. The sheriff was out there within 5 minutes. The driver was a little old lady perhaps 70 years old or so. She said that she had hit something, but it looked like she just had a blowout. It caused her to drive off the road and then overcorrected which caused her to flip over. She had been wearing her seal belt and her airbags deployed. She was able to walk away from the wreck without a scratch. She was probably in shock, though, because she was most concerned about getting a rental car. Her other funny statement was that it was the first time she had ever flipped her car. *lol* I certainly hope so! The sheriff sent me on my way immediately since the cause was pretty clear cut. It took me about an hour for me to calm down myself!


A few hours later I had another heart-stopping moment. I was cruising along when a cop pulled a U-turm right in back of me. WTF?!? I was doing the speed limit! I then saw the tire in the middle of the road that he was going back to.