May 25th, 2018


Chillin' in Cicero

I have had a pretty nice week here visiting Mom. I did my usual "Chicago things" like having lunch at White Castle and Henry's Hot Dogs. I did a little trainspotting and hit up a Polish grocery store where I loaded up with 3 cases of Polish beer, a boatload of pirogis, and 11 pounds of Polish sausage. The rest of the time I have just been hanging out at home keeping Mom company. It was a gorgeous evening last night so I sat on the front stoop. I was surprised to have Mom come out and join me. She told me she really hated to do it because sitting on the front porch seemed so "ghetto." Hey. If more people sat outside and got to know their neighbors, maybe the crime rate would go down.

One thing I have been doing is watching a lot of bad TV. I almost never watch commercial TV at home, but here that's all I have. I did watch a documentary on Netflix which dealt with the political debates between William F Buckley and Gore Vidal during the 1968 conventions. That was pretty interesting. I now want to see the movie "Myra Breckinridge" which Vidal did in the late 60's. It's supposed to be sort of up there with "Caligula" and "Barbarella." What I found amusing was that I have also been watching reruns of "Laugh In" where lo and behold their guest was William F Buckley. They even asked him if he had seen "Myra Breckinridge." I was discussing the "Laugh In" reruns with albear last night and he put me onto a video of John Wayne's guest appearance. In fursuit!

So I'll be hitting the road back to ABQ tomorrow. I hope to be out of here bright and early before the holiday crowd. That'll put me in ABQ on Sunday and I can chill out at home on Memorial Day.