May 29th, 2018


Back to the Routine

I made it back to ABQ on Sunday. I left Chicago on Saturday and wanted to follow the Chicago-Kansas City Expressway. Normally I take I-55 to Springfield and then head west on I-72. I then pick up the C-KC across MO where I can either follow it all the way to KC or head straight west to St Joseph. This time I wanted to see what the IL portion of the C-KC was like. The answer was bliss. I despise I-55 because it's a lot of high-speed traffic between Chicago and St Louis which I refer to as "The Zimbabwe 500." I wanted a more relaxed drive. I certainly got that with the C-KC from I-80 to Quincy. I had the road to myself for much of the route. Driving through Macomb was a bit of a pain in the ass, but the bypass is just about finished. It was smooth sailing to KC and beyond. I ended up spending the night in Wichita which was just over a 700-mile drive. That made the 600-mile drive to ABQ the next day a breeze. I rolled into the garage just after 4. The Memorial Day holiday gave me a well-needed break. It gave me a chance to work in the garden, get caught up on some TV shows, and enjoy sitting outside without mariachi music.