June 14th, 2018


Coming Out

Ya know, I can easily admit to being a bi- furry. But I think it's time I come out with some deep inner secret that I have been battling for some time now. I think....I think....I think I might be turning....Republican. This may sound like a shocking revelation especially with the "thing" we currently have in the White House, but I keep hearing more and more voices on the Right who also oppose the Orangutan in Chief and they make a lot of sense. They certainly are making more sense than the current group of "progressive" Democrats who are rising up in opposition to Heir Dump. The far Left now scares me as much as the far Right. I'm not sure who is worse; Nazis or Social Justice Warriors.

It's probably because I have been reading the WSJ that I have started leaning more to the Right. I have always been a fiscal conservative and they speak to me. Even they think many of Dumps policies are ridiculous. Of course their editorial board is made up largely of conservative voices, but even they are starting to make sense. I started to panic when I found myself agreeing with columns by Peggy Noonan. And then she writes some crap about how our society is so violent because abortion is legal and I feel better that I may not be too far gone. I guess what is a little scary is that the policies I am agreeing with are essentially those of Reagan. OMG! Perhaps it's just a sign of getting old. I have heard that you tend to drift to the Right when you get older. It's just that now I don't know who to vote for in the November elections. I voted for a moderate Democrat in the primaries, but he was defeated by an Indian woman who is a self proclaimed Social Justice Warrior who is playing up identity politics. I don't know who the Republican candidate is, but I know he'll probably come out and say how much he supports Schrumpf and that he loves guns and Jesus. Aghhhh! Can we just have people who make sense and put country above politics?!?