June 25th, 2018


The Kitty and I

It was time for another date night at the theater for Kitty and I on Saturday. It started with dinner at a downtown BBQ joint that we had been meaning to try. It was mighty tasty but Kitty couldn't finish hers. We couldn't take leftovers because they would end up sitting in the car for a few hours in near-100 degree temps. Fortunately the place was only a few blocks from my office, so I was able to put them in my office mini-fridge. It was then off to the theater to see "The King and I." I hadn't seen the musical in over 30 years and was ashamed to admit that I hadn't seen the movie starring Yul Brenner. It's now in the Netflix queue. This was also the first time we were allowed into the patrons' lounge. I had assumed our membership privileges would kick in at the start of the next season, but we were called and told we now had access. Woo hoo! So there was free beer and wine along with hors d'oeuvres. *pinkies raised* We also noticed that our names now appear in the programs as a patron of the arts. Like I told Kitty, it's nice feeling like a big fish in a little pond. Had this been Chicago or New York, a "patron" would probably be someone who donated $50,000-100,000. Here we can get recognition for a fraction of that (and still see great shows!) Which, yes, the show was very nice. Some performers were a lot better than others, and Rogers and Hammerstein couldn't find an ending to the story, but they did come up with some darn catchy tunes.