July 2nd, 2018


Albu-FUR-que XVI

We held the latest installment of New Mexico's oldest furmeet on Saturday at FurCentral. I didn't post about the event last year because there was some drama at the very end of the meet that I wasn't particularly proud of and pretty much just wanted to forget about. This was after the major drama the year before, so the event itself was in danger of going away because I'm getting too old for this shit. After a loy of deliberation we decided to go ahead and try one more time to bring the event back to at least some of its past glory. I must say that on that front the party was an resounding success. We ended up with about 40 folks and everyone had a great time. I cooked up some carne adovada and pork carnitas. scritchwuff went above and beyond and cooked up a beef brisket. Other chefs brought smoked chicken, pork, and ribs. Of course there was also a ton of booze, but everyone stayed on their best behavior. There was quite a bit of fursuiting after the sun went down. I was even inspired to don Sabot for a little while. So good food, good friends, good booze, and lots of furry goodness. One of the more memorable things that happened was that an older lady (but probably still younger than me *lol*) showed up with 2 teenagers. One was a budding furry and really wanted to try on his new partial fursuit. He didn't interact a whole bunch, but I think he was just happy to be around fellow freaks. His younger sister commented that she really wanted to get a unicorn fursuit. I would have liked to have talked with the mom more. She seemed like an interesting character. I'm pretty sure she was discreetly drinking a 40. Perhaps my faith has been restored.