July 5th, 2018


Mellow 4th / What the Bear is Watching

I thought I would combine entries since we spent a mostly chill Fourth with some binge watching. Kitty and I had been fans of the Amazon show "Goliath" starring Billy Bob Thornton. John Oliver once made fun of the show saying that nobody had ever seen it. Well, we did and enjoyed season 1. Now season 2 is available. The story takes place in L.A. and in one scene the actors are sitting in a small restaurant. A light when on in my head and I paused the show. I asked Kitty if she recognized the joint and in a few seconds she laughed and said she did. They filmed a scene at the famous El Tepeyac Mexican restaurant in East L.A. We have been going there for over 15 years thanks to albear who introduced us to their famous 6-lb burrito. From what Kitty read online, Billy Bob was a fan of their burrito as well. The other show I have been binging is "Peaky Blinders" on Netflix. It kept coming up on my "recommended" list. It sounded like some weird British comedy. Well...it is British, but it's a story about a small crime family in post-WWI Birmingham England. I had read a favorable comment about the show in the WSJ and decided to give it a try. It passed the "one episode hook" test, so now I have 2 more seasons (short ones) to go.

So after staying cool watching the telly all afternoon, I cooked up some steaks and corn on the grill. We enjoyed dinner outside and then sat on our front patio watching everyone else spending lots of money on fireworks. It was just a very relaxing evening. I think it was the first time in many years when we didn't host a party. People asked, but coming right on the heels of AlbuFURque and it being a Wednesday night, we were in no mood for partying.