August 8th, 2018


"Brigsby Bear"

A couple of weekends ago Kitty was channel surfing and saw a movie about a mascot. Being the good furry that she is, she checked it out. I came downstairs and noticed a bear fursuit on the screen. Being a furfag, I started watching as well. The movie was halfway over, so it was a bit weird trying to figure out what the plot was. I had never even heard about this movie, but it had Mark Hamill, Claire Danes, and Greg Kinnear. I finally was able to record the entire movie so now I know the story. It's essentially a furry version of "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" (for those of you that are familiar with the Netflix show). A boy gets kidnapped and is raised in a bunker. His only contact with the outside world is a TV show that his kidnappers produce for him with the title bear as the main protagonist. The story never gets finished, however, because he's rescued. He then goes on a quest to finish the story himself. So it's kind of a weird story, but it has a fursuit! It's a creepy kind of Teddy Ruxpin-ish suit, but it's a fursuit! What we both found disturbingly familiar was the way he talked about the show and how it was his only reality. It reminded us of many people we have met in the fandom. His obsession to tell his story was also very familiar with other folks we have met over the years. So if you see it advertised by your cable provider, give it a watch. Or not.