August 11th, 2018


Baby What a Fig Surprise

When I planted my orchard I included a fig tree.  Why? Well, I heard they grew extremely well here in NM and I like figs. I had never been exposed to the fruit except through Fig Newton's.  It was at FC several years back when they hosted the Meow Mixer at the beginning of the con. One year at the Fairmont they had a fruit and cheese plate. On it they had fresh figs. OMG! They were tasty! So I decided to try my paw at growing them.  I had given up hope that the tree would produce this year because it seemed that the tree was struggling a bit and it didn't produce any flowers.  So you can imagine my surprise when I checked the tree today and found several little figs forming! One was even starting to ripen into a nice dark purple. So yay! Another first-year tree is bearing fruit! I harvested the last peaches today which brings the total to between 10 and 20.