August 16th, 2018


27 Down

Nope. Not a post about crossword puzzles. I checked my official record and found out that today is my 27th anniversary with the gubbmint. So in 3 years I will have the time-in-service as well as the age to retire. But like I posted here quite a while back, I'm not sure if those 27 years all count towards retirement since I had some temporary time included in that. So rather than retire on Jan 1, 2021, I may have to wait until sometime around January 1, 2023. *shrugs* At least there's light at the end of the tunnel.

A few days ago I was having another great talk with scritchwuff about retiring. We were discussing how much money you really need to retire comfortably. Every day I read an article that says something like, "You need a million dollars to retire!" and the next day I read that most retirees have less than $1000,000 in savings. So how are they all living?!? Then I read that you can retire for cheap in places like Mexico or Ecuador. Yeah. And how is that working out for all of those suckers who retired in Nicaragua? But money is not a major concern of mine. I scrimped and saved my whole career so I could maintain a comfortable lifestyle. My big concern is what I keep hearing that one sure way to die young is to retire. They say it's more of an emotional thing. You feel lost and without purpose. You had a job for years, if not decades, and now you have nothing. On the one paw I know that's bullshit because unless you're self-employed, if your job is your're doing it wrong. I do have one thing that I want to do and that's take care of my Mom. She'll be 92 next month, but guess what? She just passed her driver's test! Yup! She's that proverbial little grey-haired lady barely visible below the steering wheel. *lol* The thought of caring for someone full-time, however, is something very daunting to me. Right now I can barely handle a week with her, and she's fully mobile with all her senses. How would I handle a situation that required much more care? And I think the mental block is that I have a life to go back to here in NM, and part of that is the knowledge that I have to go back to work. So what if that was no longer in the picture? I have my house, my Kitty, and my kitties, but that's about it. Work is that sword hanging over my head. The concept of just doing nothing but taking care of life is so foreign! The last time I just did nothing was probably summer vacation in 8th grade. Then came summers full of jobs. And since then it has been, as Mel Brooks says in "Blazing Saddles,"Work, work, work!" But least another milestone has passed. I'll keep chugging along and earnin' dem Benjamins.