August 27th, 2018


A Weekend Fit For a Czar

Furcentral once again hosted a wayward fur who was visiting NM. He's a gay liberal, furry visiting his conservative Christian Republican parents who have retired here. What could possibly go wrong? He just needed some sanity for a few days, so we welcomed czar_wolfhound into our den. He arrived on Friday evening and we took him out to a local Mexican place (along with scritchwuff. We all headed back to the patio with a bottle of whiskey where we proceeded to get shitfaced. But we quickly got into "con mode" and Czar took us out to Chaco Canyon where we were treated to a detailed history of the ruins since he did his dissertation on ruins just to the north. The weather was surprisingly cool and rainy for most of the day. We got back to ABQ just as a major thunderstorm had rolled through. Yes, the mesa flowed again and I was able to get some good pix on Sunday. But as for Saturday night, Scritch came over again and I cooked up some Italian sausage on the grill. Our level of alcohol consumption was much much less that evening. On Sunday we took Czar to one of our favorite local spots for breakfast. It was there that I tried green chile bacon pancakes. Holy shit! Sweet, savory, and spicy all in one bite! Definitely now one of my favorites. We said our goodbyes and he was off to the airport. Unfortunately for him somebody had a chimpout at the terminal and tried to kill himself. All flights were delayed for hours as the situation was resolved. Oh well. Got a text that he made it safely home. Definitely good times!