September 4th, 2018


The Labor Day Weekend

There's nothing like a 3-day weekend! This was supposed to be a weekend of binge-watching and reading. I just managed to do a little of each. Discovered "Ozark" on Netflix. Hooked! Was going to read a book, but only managed to read the paper. Tried to get chores done early in the weekend so I could chill for the rest. The big happening was a furmeet on Sunday. Only about 8 people RSVP's but we ended up with just over 30. I seriously under-bought food, but at least there were no leftovers. I was happy that we had a guest stop by from California. mooglepower was in the state doing touristy stuff with his parents. I invited him over and he accepted. It was great to actually talk with him. We have known each other for years mainly through convention talent shows since he is a very talented musician. He gave up LJ years ago, but I happened to find him on Stupidbook. I think I impressed him with some good ol' NM hospitality. I also got a chance to talk to the mom who brought her teenage son to Albufurque because he was a young fursuiter. She's a really interesting character who fits right in our crazy group. By the end of the night I was in fursuit and exhausted. I just passed out on our patio sofa. Kitty got mad because I refused to come inside, but the weather was absolutely perfect especially while in suit to just enjoy the outside. It was just like camping! Let me be! She relented but insisted I have a blanket. Yesterday was devoted to more chillin' and the finishing up of last-minute chores. This week we're off on a mini vacation. More on that in the next post!