September 7th, 2018


I'm Going To Kansas City. Kansas City Here I Come

Kitty and I decided to take a little road trip. My financial planning company was holding a conference that was open to all of their clients. The guest speaker was Colin Powell, so I decided that we should make the trip to enjoy a few days in a nice hotel. Kansas City is a long-ass drive for a single day, but doable. I've done it myself in the past. To make things a little easier, we decided that we would leave on Wednesday after work and get as far as Tucumcari. I had a free night through, so we stayed at the nicest hotel there (the Fairfield Inn). Tucumcari is a dying town except for the businesses along I-40. I was happy to see that several of the old motels along Old Route 66 seem to be doing quite well with people wanting a retro experience. Unfortunately most of the non-chain food places have closed. We managed to find a local diner which wasn't bad.

On Thursday we headed on to KC taking 2-lane highways like I like to do when I drive to visit Mom. It was a nice relaxing drive despite the on-again-off-again rain. We got to KC just after dinnertime, so we quickly found a good BBQ place not too far away. We had wanted to find a nice steak place, but the places we found seemed ridiculously expensive. It's hard to pay $20 for a t-bone steak when the store had them on sale last week for about $5/lb. Joe's Kansas City BBQ was just fine with fall-off-the-bone ribs. There was a nearby liquor store where I was able to find some locally distilled whiskey. It was the perfect nightcap while watching football back in the room.

Today we had a relaxing morning with breakfast at a local chain called The Big Biscuit. After that we decided to visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum. It's a real gem for the city! They had works from artists as diverse as Rembrandt to Warhol, O'Keeffe to Monet. We spent hours wandering around. It was then time for lunch. I found another BBQ place near downtown and wondered how "ethnically diverse" the neighborhood was. It was not far from some projects, so we knew we would be getting some authentic BBQ. It was a local chain called Gates. Good stuff. We then saw the 2 sides of KC. We came up into downtown through one of the nicest neighborhoods I have ever seen. The homes were huge and everything was lush and green. Side streets all had fountains and/or statues at their entrances. Coming home we took a street about a mile to the east. It was totally ghetto.

I should also mention that we had a "furry con" moment when we showed up to the hotel. It was full of business people in nice dress all hanging out in the lobby. We went to the elevators and there was a line for people trying to get to their rooms. Kitty and I laughed that the tables had been turned. I should have been in fursuit and marched to the front of the line since I was not part of the convention. I half expected to see the Dorki manning the elevators making sure the business people didn't overload them. Oh! And many of them had drinks with them. Fucking mundanes! *LOL*