September 21st, 2018



Yay! People are posting to LJ today! I guess I should say something, too, just to keep the momentum going. That's going to be a little hard to do since not all that much has happened since our trip to KC. On the garden front, I'm starting to get up to my ears in tomatoes which is fine since I use at least one a day on my salads. The zucchini has loved the recent rains and continues to produce (including a Thor-sized one I harvested yesterday). I'm still waiting on the figs. I might have as many a 2 dozen, but they're still green. The Albear corn is approaching 8 feet tall and finally starting to tassel and silk. I just might get a few ears out of them.

It was members' night at the zoo yesterday. Kitty and I decided to go since there was the promise of free food. Tacos! We should have just walked around the zoo and enjoyed the lovely evening, but instead we sat in on the annual board meeting. While it was nice to hear about upcoming projects, it started to get old hearing about all of the cool conferences all of the staff attended last year. Talk about animals, damnit! It did spur me on to be a little more philanthropic, however, for upcoming fundraising. Perhaps I'll adopt a penguin when our new enclosure gets built in a year or so. It also spurred me on to perhaps once again broach the subject of being the mascot for fundraising. Probably in the early pages of this LJ there are posts about my attempt to get a gig with the zoo. I was met with scorn and indifference. Now I'm older, wiser, and more confident in selling myself. Perhaps I'll give it another go. Zoo Boo is coming up next month. Perhaps Nevada needs to make another appearance after about a 10 year absence.