September 24th, 2018


Sports Time

I'm really not one to just sit in front of the tube and watch lots of sports. Well, unless I want to. Yesterday I declared it "Veg out day" since most of my chores were done, and just plopped my ass in front of the TV and watched football all day. It's about the only sport that I will just sit and watch. I was thinking back to my childhood and realized that my Dad ALWAYS seemed to have some sports on the TV or radio. I had no idea how addicted he was to sports. My Mom's brothers are also sports nuts, but they like weird stuff like golf and auto racing. Perhaps it's because one of them raced dirt track in his youth, but I just don't find anything very interesting in racing either NASCAR, Indy Car, or Formula 1. Football is my only weakness. I put the new TV set to good use by bringing it out onto the patio to enjoy the Sunday night game. The weather is finally getting nice and the earlier darkness helps greatly. Now I just wish that the NFL would join the 21st century and allow people to watch whatever game they wanted without paying some ridiculous subscription fee. I've heard there are online options, but it really shouldn't be that hard.