October 4th, 2018



I never considered myself "trendy." I could care less what was hot at the moment. If it was something that appealed to me, I just did it. I never sought out advice on what one should be doing because everyone else was doing it. To me that was the epitome of "uncool" that you HAD to follow others so that you could feel part of a pack. I always thought of myself as a dweeb/nerd/geek because I went my own way even if the mob thought it was uncool. Once again, I do what I like. It seems that lately I keep seeing things that are "hot" now and I have been doing it for years. My prime example is microbrews. I started homebrewing back in '92. I liked to add a lot of hops for flavor since commercial beers were flavorless. Now all of sudden microbrews are the rage again, and there's this battle to who can make the most hoppy beer. The trend got so ridiculous that I started drinking the bland beers I once railed against. I liked Pabst because it was cheap. Then IT became the popular hipster things for the irony. How about beards. I have been sporting one for 30 years. Now they're the cool hipster thing. At least I never went the man-bun route. That would never have been cool nor should it have ever become a thing.

To me, the Wall Street Journal is the one of the most uncool things. Well, at least when they try to tell all the rich folks what's cool. They think $5000 dresses and $20000 watches are cool. You vacation on THAT island? Yawn. Everyone who is anyone now parties on THIS island. And the spa prices are so cheap at only $500 day. Yeah. No. But it did provide some insight into how I am once again cool. There was an article about the new hot look for older guys. Khakis and Hawaiian shirts are so in! The "dad look" is hot! Oh. So you mean the way I have been dressing for years is now hot? Wow. I'm a trendsetter. Yesterday we had a design person come over to our house to give us an estimate on a new floor. We have shopped around the various tile stores and had a pretty good idea what we wanted. When we told her the style we wanted, she said, "Ooooo! That style is so hot now!" Kitty and I looked at each other and laughed. Wow! We're trendy and we didn't even know it! And then there was the article the other day about the new trend in landscaping. People are planting fruit trees so that not only will it look nice, but you get fruit too! Oh, you mean the idea I had last year and am now enjoying the fruits of my labor (literally!). Maybe it's just the old adage about "What goes around, comes around." Trends and fashion all cycle back to some point in the past. Maybe on day I will be saying, "I was into that whole furry scene back in 2003!" as everyone walks around in their designer Versace fursuits.