October 16th, 2018



I guess I forgot to mention that one of the reasons I went back to visit Mom when I did was that it was my 35th class reunion. I went to my 10th and 30th and really didn't care about going to another, but the timing just worked out and the venue was about 5 minutes from my Mom's house. So the good news was that it was a pretty chill evening. The bad part was that most of my old homies didn't show up. So I talked with the few folks that I actually liked back in the 80's. I also chatted with a few folks who I follow on FB so I know some things that are going on in their lives. I met a few old teachers including some of the nuns. Yeah, I went to a Catholic school. I was good and didn't tell them that I had become a Pagan, bi-sexual furry. I had a gal sit down next to me and tell me her life's story since school as I struggled to remember just who the hell she was. But I did have some good conversations that came from having 35 years to think about shit. My own biggest revelation is that we tend to put down folks like Kavenaugh because he went to a prep school. I then realized that, "Oh yeah. This WAS a prep school!" At the same time I realized that I was the wannabe kid from the "ghetto" and went to school with Kavenaugh-types who lived in big houses in the suburbs who got dropped off in their daddy's BMW. I think it was because it was mainly a girls' school when I attended (3rd year being co-ed), and the more privileged people tended to be the girls. I really had no interest in most of the girls. The ones I hang out with just wanted to have fun and not play the popularity game. Another benefit of seeing folks after 35 years is that you get to hear the stories that you were clueless about back then. I was amazed to hear how many folks were drinking, doing drugs, and having sex on campus. All of the good little Catholic girls and boys acting like characters in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" or "Ferris Bueller" . So maybe the suburban high school experience is more universal than I had thought.